Industry accounts for about one-third of all energy consumption all over the world the largest incentive for increased energy efficiency is to lower total operating costs.

Hybrid Harmonics Filter

Our Hybrid Harmonic Filters (HHF) are ideal for all types of commercial and Industrial single/Three phase applications. HHF Filter acts as a very high impedance at 150Hz, thus offering a significant reduction in the 3rd harmonic current. HHF Filters can also be applied at the facility electrical system level. Such applications may enhance the reduction of harmonics and result in an enhanced performance of the  electric system.There is significant reduction / eradication observed in the cable heating, line losses,transformer loading,capacitor failure after installation of HHF. A Core advantage of the technology is it reduces the chance of fire in buildings and factories due to THD eradication.However, before some facility filters can be applied specific variables associated with the facility’s electrical system must be taken into account to determine the expected harmonics so we connect data logger at site and take data as mention below and accordingly propose suitable model for energy saving.

  • Safeguards sensitive devices from spikes and transients
    Avoid current unbalance
  • Prevents premature failure of switchgears
  • Reduces heating of Transformers/switchgears/ cables etc.
  • Reduction in transformer burdon and reactive / active power losses
  • Reduction in Earthing related issues
  • Reduction in Neutral related issues
  • Support to maintain IEEE standard for Harmonics free environment
  • Maintain Voltage and current individual and Total harmonics distortion.
  • Avoid nuisance tripping of MCB/MCCB/Fuses etc.
  • Reduces Total Harmonics distortion % THD(I)
  • Support to PF improvement near unity
  • Support in Demand KVA reduction
  • Support for preventive maintenance
  • Reduction in Electrical breakdown and maintenance

Magnetic Amplifiers

Mixed Load Energy Saver Electrical Panel

MLES is connected in series with the load and acts like a filter. So that complete load passes through MLES. Normally losses are generated at load side and carried towards source side. All losses are converted in terms of current. If Load current is filtered and loss current is only circulated in local network some amount of saving can be established. Always input impedance is high and load side impedance must be low to maintain the ratio. But we are not measuring the load side impedance and it is varying as per Load requirement. Our magnetic amplifier designed to lower the load side impedance. By this method load on motors/compressors etc. remains same so that, Torque or RPM not been affected. Current produced by circuit is filtered by our MLES and passed towards the source.

Capacity : 100 KVA to 5000 KVA

Energy Efficiency Minimum 5-8% Depending upon Data Logging, Load Survey and Power Quality Conditions

Application : Small / Large Industries having a clustre of loads with/without VFD Drives can be retrofitted with Single Mag-Amp Panel in order to provide and maintain power quality.


Segments & Type of Project executed :

Textile Units

Installed at yarn unit with clustre of small rating motors


Installed at the milk to powder conversion unit with 12% established savings

Buildings With Motor/HVAC/Lighting Load

Government building with 300 KVA installation


Installed 350 KVA MLES at an adhesive chemical producing unit and achieved 8% Savings

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