Carbon Emission Control

RECD retrofit emission control device

A filterless, retrofit, fully automatic and compact device that integrates seamlessly with any kind of vehicle, and captures over 90% of the particulate matter emitted from vehicles in real-time,
ranging from PM2.5 to PM10.


Based on filterless technology, the RepAir ambient air-purifier assimilates the scientific theories to effectively clean the atmosphere by sucking in surrounding air, separating all particulate matter, dust particles, smog & smoke, and releasing clean air through its outlet.


Salient Features

No Manual CLeaning
No Choking
f no Replacement
No Replacement
F maintenance
Low Maintanance
F air-filter
No Filter
No Water
No Chemical
F solvent-free
No Solvent
  1. Ultra efficient technology - Can meet DPF level of efficiency for PM reduction.
  2. No Manual Intervention – Automatic start up with DG set.
  3. No significant backpressure - Suitable for prolonged low load operation unlike DPF.
  4. No secondary emissions - No impact on other VOCs/ GHG.
  5. No active regeneration required- most suitable for old mechanical FIE engines
  6. No additional fuel required for thermal management or for working against high engine back pressure.
  7. No Additional installations - all controls and diagnostics included in retro-fitment package.
  8. Robust to exhaust oil traces, particularly an issue with older and highly run engines - No fear of face plugging as in case of flow through catalysts (such as DOC) or DPFs.
  9. No periodic ash cleaning required such as in DPF or Partial Flow Filters.
  10. Cost effective solution

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