T&D Inspection & Anomaly Reporting

Powertech is a leading T & D focused energy efficiency company involved in providing industrial IOT platform and state -of-art drone technology for reducing and detecting energy wastages. Our expertise is to create line/poles/transformer mapping and inspection along with fault detection analysis which helps to prevent failure and reduce wastages, via drones that cut significant time taken to do the needful which otherwise is done manually with high risk and low safety conditions.

Key Benefits:

  • Prevent grid failures by early and quick detection of anomalies in poles/lines via HD resolution thermal images
  • Image mapping and thermography via drones cut manpower requirement and time by 80/90 percentage
  • No limitations on terrains, heights and distance areas like forests/ hills/ rivers/ valleys heights up to 65m/ 200+m
  • Creation of asset database of poles/lines/transformers with health condition for ready reference
  • High level of safety of the field staff
  • Prevention of any casualty in case of failure or blasting of insulators
  • Geotagging of all assets on maps with data (as per utilities requirement)

Project deliverables

HD imagery (visual inspection), thermal inspection, for fault detection and documentations on danger points and abnormalities, LIDAR (3D models) and GIS data with exact locations details.

Key Parts Inspected
With Problem Detection

indications through which the electrical integrity of the insulators can be compromised flashed over, bum marks, pollution or heavy fungus growth, punctured insulators, rusting on clamps of loose connections, flash over or burn marks.

Indicators that the electrical integrity of the conductors has been compromised. Severe wearing on the clamp, conductor spacer and any supporting hardware could cause heavy losses and could cause the conductor to fall and cause casualty and fire. Temperature rise on conductors, hot spots due to broken strands or damage strands.

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