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Turnkey and Esco

Turnkey ESCO Projects

Power Tech undertakes concept to commissioning of energy conservation projects taking into consideration the entire establishment with an objective to identify locations with higher energy losses. Aim - To identify locations generating high losses Objective - To replace or improve efficiency thereby reflecting savings on the overall bill Method - Walk - thru audit, detailed power analysis, energy monitoring and control, energy savers

Technology Details

Product Details

Identifying areas with higher wastages and losses (Old derated equipments,motors, HVAC, lights, cables, transformers, existing capacitors, stabilizers)

Team of auditors would give detailed analysis of the Survey giving approximate investment, savings on an annual basis along with return on investment of the project.

    Power Tech team to undertake the responsibility of procurement, erection, installation and commissioning and providing savings report through inhouse smart cloud based energy monitoring systems thereby working closely with the engineering team and providing healthy financial return on the energy conservation project.



  • Smart Sense
  • HVAC Energy Savers