Arctic Master

Cloud Based Energy Monitoring Device


  • Completely Wireless/ Semi-wireless monitoring of any location/node.
  • Cloud Hosted Infrastructure
  • Minute to Minute tracking of consumption of ~ 40 energy parameters
  • Remotely Switch ON/OFF facility
  • SMS/ Email alerts for critical situations
  • Daily Consumption reports
  • Customised Monthly Analysis
  • View past and present data on live dashboard

Technology Details

Product Details

  • Real Time Energy Tracking

  • Appliance Monitoring and Control

  • Rule Based Engine for Scheduling of Loads

  • Alert's Management System

  • Reports and Analytics

  • T&D Loss Tracking

  • Theft Detection

  • Load Management

  • Customer Portal

  • Remote Connection/Disconnection

  • Reports and Analytics

  • Load Forecasting

  • Real Time Monitoring of Green Sources

  • Customer/Developer Portal

  • Generation Forecasting System

  • Alert Management System

  • Reports and Analytics

  • Completely Wireless/Semi-Wireless & Cloud Hosted EMS with Analytics

  • A live dashboard with alerts for DG Set Efficiency Tracking

  • The Premium Monitoring and optimization tool for Customers active on the power exchange

  • Wireless controlling of demand by remote switch on/off loads from online dashboard

  • Wireless Monitoring and Controlling of air consumption in blowers ensuring efficient combustion

  • Monitoring of Physical parameters such as Temperature, Pressure, Humidity, etc.



  • Lighting Energy savers
  • Smart Grid