Arctic Master

Smart Transformer Monitoring Device


  • Completely Wireless monitoring of any location
  • Cloud Hosted Infrastructure
  • Minute to Minute tracking of consumption of all power parameters
  • Remotely switch ON/OFF – If required
  • SMS/ Email alerts for critical situations
  • Daily Consumption reports
  • Advanced Analytics
  • View past and present data on live dashboard – smartsense

Technology Details

Product Details

    SmartSense is a complete energy intelligence Platform for Commercial and Industrial Consumers

  • Monitor and Control their Energy Consumption

  • Reduce inefficiencies and prevent leakages

  • Optimize the cost of power purchase

  • Help in preventive maintenance of equipment

  • Optimize the performance of equipment

  • Lack of Real-time Information on Asset Performance

  • Ineffective Assetmaintenance

  • Little or no focus on energy cost reduction,focus on production and uptime

  • Keep a real-time check on the Transformer Losses

  • Provides Intelligence for preventive maintenance and helps predict failure

  • Help Improve life span of a transformer

  • Increases capital utilization & optimize energy consumption



  • Smart Sense
  • HVAC Energy Savers