Arctic Master

HVAC Energy Savers

Brief Overview

  • Internationally Patented Product
  • 100% Mechanical Device with no rotating parts
  • No Electricals & Electronics
  • It can fit in New & Existing HVAC/Chillers
  • It works with All Types of Compressors (except Centrifugal Compressors)
  • It works with All Refrigerants (except ammonia)
  • Suitable for All Capacities - 1 TR to 1000 TR Static passive Device
  • Long Life of around 30+ years with Zero Maintenance

  • Guaranteed Savings:

    Upto 30%

  • Payback Time:

    2 to 3 years

  • Clients :

    More than 100

Technology Details

Product Details

  • International Patented Technology

  • Short Pay Back – Less than 2 years

  • Saves – Operating Costs (Also recovers Capex in few years)

  • Guaranteed Savings of 20% or more in air-cooled condensers and 10% or more in water-cooled condensers is realized year after year for 30+ Years

  • Helps companies achieve Green Energy Initiative Goals

  • Easy to Install

TERI, a Globally renowned Energy Audit Firm has conducted controlled evaluation of 250 TR York Air cooled Chiller installed at CAE - Bangalore

Evaluation Results - “The results of the performance evaluation of the chillers with and without Articmaster shows that 18.2% energy saving is achieved by installing Articmaster under following ambient temperature 27.35°C with Articmaster and 25.52°C without Articmaster. If the ambient conditions were same , the energy saving potential would have been higher than 18.2%."

Conclusion - "Based on the performance evaluation of chiller with Articmaster and chiller without Articmaster, the monitored energy saving potential is in the tune of 18.2%. Considering Bangalore’s average ambient temperature of 30°C the energy saving potential will be above 18.2%.”

- The introduction of Articmaster into the HVAC system increases the cooling capacity.
- Reduction of current and increased cooling capacity results in saving of energy.
- Because of increased cooling capacity, the operating cycle is shortened.
- The reduction in head pressure enhances the compressor life.
- Decrease in energy and improved COP results in operating cost savings.
- Reduction of head pressure and the reduction of current makes the compressor to run smoothly and enhances the performance of the compressor / motor even at high ambient conditions.



  • Smart Grid
  • Mixed Load Energy Savers